2017 Festival

The Berlin Short Film Festival returns to the the Babylon Cinema for its fourth year, 29 June – 3 July 2017.

Previous screenings and award winners are listed in the Festival Archives.

Programme info is available here with an online ticket purchase option:


The Babylon opens its doors to BSFF visitors — Feel free to purchase tickets in person at the main box office on Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz in Berlin-Mitte a few days before BSFF proper, from 5pm daily.

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Programmflyer hier: BSFF2017-Programme-Flyer

Trailer edited by G. Papinutto (Agence Gamines): https://app.frame.io/f/Oe9Otg0E



2017 Schedule

June 29th

Color Your Life – Anton Tyroller
Happiness – Hannah Stockmann
Money Aarder – Jayant Jathar
Prysia’s Garden – Mišo Suchý
The Leadenhall Building – Dan Lowe, Paul Raftery
Les Copines (The Girlfriends) – Paula Pfitzner

The Supper – Klaus Bobach
Kassel 9th Of December – Arianna Waldner Bingemer
Masquerading: To Hell And Back – Sofia De Fay
Breakfast of Champions – Beraat Gökkuş
The Happy Genius – Hannah McKibbin
The Voice of 650 Million Times One – Marijn Poels

Invisible Man – Jan Nord
Connected – Carmen Belaschk
Valentina – André Gevaerd
Imperative Shift: Fukushima, Tip Of The Iceberg – Yoko Kubota
Sunshine – Sören Wachsmuth

June 30th

21:00 Filmmakers’ Night at Griffin Bar aka A.G. Foundation, Invalidenstraße 151, 10115 Berlin

July 1st

Altinha – Jean-Marc Joseph
Nobody Is Home Right Now – Konstantin Rall, Roland Wendling
Cinci Linci – Arno Fisser, Marko Lakobrija, Michael Schackwitz
Walls – I Am Here
Give A Man A Mask, And He Will Tell You The Truth – Odette van Rensburg, Eric Gauss
Fight With Ego – Francesco Vellei
Bold Green – Selon Fischer

Flores – Asbirg Anderson
No Monsters In Berlin – Kate Holland
For Mum Who Made Me Sad – Natascha Zink
DivagationS – Caroline Caza
Follow Me – Dieter Grohmann
Stop Us – This Is Felo
Enter The Cowboy – Jack Hansen
The King – Jehan Bokhari
Shit – Felix Kapfer
The Centre of Europe – Felix Schon

America First – Maldives Second – Silke de Vos
Revenge – Renas Miran
It’s Been A Long Time – Esteban Neumann
In The Fog – Marcin Gajewski
The Bog-Standard Short Film – Dennis Gerecke
Southern Edge Of The Cloud – Alon Chan

July 2nd

Du Bist Da – Katharina Lehmann
Stupid Smartphone Therapy – Garmamie Sideau
Fawn – Pat Aldinger
Mister Mex: Mama – Julian Spillner
Krump – Johannes Ziegler
Plethora – Annique Delphine
Skywriters – Nils Otte
Arcadia Project – Saebom Kim

20:00 SF/Horror Block
The Shark In The Park – Fabian Pross
Waste – Justine Raczkiewicz
Erebus – Sheila Patterson
Reconnect – Chiu Fai Tsui
The Ruins – Ric Sechrest
Analogie – Lukas Kunzmann
Colony Collapse Disorder: A Life Without Bees – Mario Burbach
The Black Bull Incident, Episode One: Pretty Rough Around Closing – Rob Wright
New Abyss – Tobias Arndt
Meat – Antoine Osorio, Paul-André Robin


My Pretty Pony – Maciej Barczewski
Fresh Blood – Richa Rudola
Bulbul – Işıl Karataş
Mission Accomplished (Erledigt/Done) – Maike Zelle
The Bus, The Mob and The Village – Klaus Scherer

July 3rd


Rubicon – Ian Boisvert
Gespräche mit Günter Gelb – Leonardo Re
Hope: Cell – Riccardo Bernardi
Sthir – Anna Ador
A Magician – Max Blustin
Kanthari – Marijn Poels

Liedfett – Schlaflied (Victor Flowers RMX) – Michael Borwitzky
Control/Response – Anthony Stagliano
Bad Sheriff – Ben Bernschneider
Y – Gina Wenzel
The Charlotte Russe with the Medal of the Wobbling Bubble in its Palm Trilogy – Ira Schneider

The Cricket And The Ant – Julia Ritschel
Bar À Vin – Dmitrijs Fjodorovs
Close Your Eyes – Marion Crepel
For One – Mathieu Rivolier
Mausoleum – Lauri Randla
MetalMonkey – The Cat Conspiracy

Programme Flyer: BSFF2017-Programme-Flyer


emilio best doc 2016


Now entering its fourth year, the annual Berlin Short Film Festival aims to be one of Europe’s leading film festivals for international film-makers. It is a unique platform for new talent and a celebration of cinematic creativity and innovation.

The Festival attracts a broad selection of shorts by film-makers working in every genre and format, and offers Berliners and visitors an extraordinary chance to glimpse the future of cinema. The festival prides itself upon providing opportunities for talented directors, producers, writers, actors and crew members from all over the world to learn together and exhibit their work in a stimulating international environment.

The 2017 Berlin Short Film Festival will show over 70 short films. Five days of premières and networking events provide ample opportunities for selected film-makers to showcase their achievements, learn from their fellows and build contacts for future collaborations. The Festival also benefits from the vibrant Berlin film-making community and the cinema’s proximity to the media hub of the metropolis.

The festival is open to any film in any genre under 50 minutes in length, and especially prioritises low-budget films of independent spirit and exciting new talent. Official festival programme will be displayed here June 5th, online tickets available via Babylon website ten days before festival.


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Picture credits: E. Bellu, winner of Best Documentary in 2016 for “Born of Stone”. 4th July audience in Studio Kino at BSFF 2015. Photo courtesy of Deutsche Welle presenting ”Gutenberg in the Cyberstorm”. Marion Crepel still. Music video still by Fermin Cimadevilla, Kino Eins screening of a BSFF short film block depicting ”The Long Slow Flight of the Ashbot”,  J. Duuk (3 l.),  Jesper Skouboelling with Michael Madsen at Babylon during BSFF & Opening Night at Griffin Bar.