2018 Festival

The fifth Berlin Short Film Festival will run with three screenings a night, June 28 – July 1, 2018, and will show over 75 short films. It will return to Kino Babylon at Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 30. Tickets will be available for €8 each from the Babylon every night of the festival, from 17.00.


Pictured above: film crew and guests for “Eviction” (D: Marcel Glauche) which premiered at Berlin Short 2016 & below, phot courtesy of Deutsche Welle, July 4th at BSFF 2016


Schedule 2018

Thursday, June 28th

Yougend (Mai Lasan)
Melodies from Scotland – The Ayoub Sisters (Marco Alessi)
Hiatus (Kevin Haefelin)
The Next is Yet to Come (Ira Schneider)
Vergangenheitsbewältigung (Emily Manthei)
Dad (Markus Mueller)

Waiting For Tomorrow (Selon Fischer)
Deer Damage (One Shot) (Marcus Siebler)
Lacrimosa (Tanja Mairitsch)
Father’s Day Breakfast (Natalie Simpkins)
Stiff (Gabrielle Pfeiffer-Fasbender)

Love Divine (Sean Fee)
Finding Lucy (Robin Waldman)
Eurêka ! (David B. Ricard, Menka Nagrani)
I’m Not Sure (Gabriel Hensche)
Quartet (Anna-Katharina Schröder)

Friday, June 29th

Lost (Thomas Simon)
Lost Wallet (Daniel Pudi)
The Sleeper (Steen Agro)
a rose is (Maja Zagorska)
Fruehlingskinder – Children Of Spring (Zara Demet Altan)
Upper Austria: An Incredible Journey (Geoff Tompkinson)
Ugly Room (Alina Zamanova)
Next Stop (Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen)

Test (Claudia Ungersbäck)
The Overcoat (Ian Boisvert)
My Poison Is Your Fate (Isolde Guckelsberger-Penzin, Karen Koch)
One Shot (Jo-Anne Brechin)
Palpitations of Dust (Ann Huang)
Be My Guest (Tisch & Bett) (Anne Chlosta)
Eckhardt (Konstantin Rall)

22.00: Documentary Block
Dogs to the Rescue (Andrew Gallagher)
The Last Of His Kind (Jánik von Wilmsdorff)
Vanishing History (Daud Khattak)
Bournonville Today (Signe Roderik)

Saturday, June 30th

How To Make Tteokbokki (Ji Su Kang-Gatto)
The Tree of Poison (Anastasia Nezhivaia)
Pure White (Sven Windszus)
Unfaded (Stephan Velema)
The Swan (Jonas Karasek)
It Is Not Only About Fish (Kodjo Adanledji)
Disoriented (Lara Mack)

Detour (Dik Sum Man)
Free Period (Alison Piper)
Ego (Mario Addis)
State Of Emergency (Tarek Roehlinger)
Traces (Cecilia Guichart)
The Peculiar Abilities Of Mr Mahler (Paul Philipp)

22.00: Sci-Fi/Horror Block
Visualinsky (Atsushi Hirakawa)
Exit Strategy (Travis Bible)
Body Ads (Bernardo Artica)
The Super Recogniser (Jennifer Sheridan)
Saturn Voyager (Iuri Araújo, Guilherme Araújo)
Quiver (Shayna Connelly)
Keep The Gaslight Burning (Dave Elsey, Lou Elsey)
Heir (Danny Adhim)

Sunday, July 1st

Edge (Tired Eyes Kingdom) (Alexander Ritter)
Feel (Monique Küsel)
Object Dream (Kyungwon Song)
Ersatzbank (Tim Lee)
Fricke-Ticke (Patrick Waldmann)
Playing With Fire (Carolyn Corkindale)
MMF (Leonard Garner)
Voices (Robin Goethals)
By Blood (Jonathan Delerue, Guillaume Enard)

ONZ: Vandetta feat. Kim Olsen (Amanda Tan)
War For Lizards (Farshad Bagheri)
Late Season (Daniela Leitner)
Inside & Out (Rocky Marquette)
Idol (Luisa Taraz)
Someone Good Will Find You (Leelila Strogov)
You Are mMy All (Joseph Jeremiah Langley)
MimiCry (Jennifer von Schuckmann)

Tall Juan: Cuidacoches (Dante Zaballa)
Pray (Samia Tawil)
Hope Of Ashes (Hassan Al Hashem)
You, My Brother (Ghadir)
Fortnite: Gasoline, Official Video (Sven D., Philipp Primus)
Near Change (André Sogliuzzo)
Zulu: Hidden People (Lukas Kunzmann)
Metamorphosen (Katharina Ziemkus)
Tamagotchi (Krzysztof Grajper)
Les Artisans de l’Art, 2ème Portrait: Jean-Pierre Maury (Grégory Papinutto)